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Seminar - Suspensions and Emulsions

21. und 22. Juni 2017

By attending this seminar you will acquire knowledge regarding:

  • Working principles, application fields and limits of dispersing machines & characterization methods;
  • Improvement of dispersion quality & stability by process optimization;
  • Increase of the energy efficiency of dispersing processes;
  • Influence of wetting and dispersing additives on the processing & final properties;
  • Characterization methods regarding particle / droplet size & size distribution, dispersion quality & stability as well as rheological & thermal properties.

Besides the presentations in the seminar room, the practical demonstrations in our laboratories will allow you to establish valuable correlations between theory and real applications of emulsions and suspensions. The participants of the seminar have the possibility to bring their own samples for characterization free of charge.


Process engineers, material scientists, chemists and physicists from industry and research, who work on the development, production and characterization of suspensions and emulsions.

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